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Our three fields of expertise

1.Applying and utilizing game analytics

Analyzing is a craftsmanship. It's not just about observing the numbers and seeing what ways teh graphs are moving. Everything before and after that is at least as important. Flawless telemetry implementation, responsible aggregation and understanding of the metrics are necessary to assure the accuracy of the data and to be able to use it for calculations.

Subsequently analysing goes beyond reading the numbers. The questions that are invoked by the data or by you can seldomly be answered with standard graphs. Analysis is also about insight into what metrics are important, being able to benchmark, making connections and being able to zoom in on problems as well as communicating with decisionmakers.

“ It's the iteration of hypothesis, changes, and measurement
that will make you better at a faster rate
than anything else we have seen. ”
—Gabe Newell, President Valve Corporation

2.Making data part of a process or project

The importance of data and analysis in a succesful development proces is undeniable. Wether it's about learning from mistakes, optimizing, comparing or involving stakeholders: data can play a great many roles. Through our experience with data processes with over twenty game companies, we are able to give good advice on integrating analytics and data within your organisation.

  • Using data to steer an iterative development process.
  • Create a performance overview for stakeholders.
  • Using player data as enrichment of another dataset, like a CRM system or marketing channel.

“Easy to learn, hard to master.”

We believe that Bushnell's Law also applies to game analytics.

3.Explain difficult stuff simply

Simply just having the numbers is not enough. Especially if you want to make important decisions on your game or company you want to understand what's happening. Precisely, clearly and objectively. We are proud of how well we can communicate data, and our ability to personally and clearly ellaborate our reports. We feel involved wit the endresult and are happy to find fitting visualisations that enable your to draw your own conclusions.